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Nubies is a brand built with intention and purpose, committed to supporting moms with the one essential they will always need...UNDIES!

We love our Nubies to the moon and back! But, after ditching the pull ups, a whole new world begins with back up undies becoming an essential in a Mom's life and purse. We created Nubies to resolve the panic for parents with little ones learning how to use the toilet for the first time. Teaching your Nubie the importance of staying clean & dry is a topic you will continue to revisit as she grows. 

We are about shifting the mindset early on and introducing a new way of teaching personal hygiene for your little one. Creating habits and routines by replacing her underwear every 6-9 months is important to her overall health. Our fabric is gentle on the skin, biodegradable, sustainably sourced, 100% natural cotton, and ethically made. We are your back up plan...while being kind to the planet.


All orders usually take one to two days to process before being shipped.


Orders are shipped via USPS Mail® or UPS service and should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.


All sales are final. If you are not satisfied with your Nubies product due to material defects or the product was damaged please email us at