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How To Teach Your Nubie About Personal Hygiene.

1. Start Them Young

Start by teaching them about the importance of hygiene and grooming early on. ie., How to bathe themselves, how to use the bathroom independently, not sitting on public toilets, brushing teeth and washing their hands.

2. Be A Great Role Model

One of the best ways to teach your Nubie good habits is through your own personal hygiene and daily regimen. You set the standard for how often they must wash their hands and brush their teeth & hair.

3. Keep The Hygiene Conversation Going

This is a topic you will continue to revisit as your Nubie grows. As puberty emerges, keep the conversation open and comfortable by normalizing her new body hair, odors and cleaning regimens.

4. Promote Personal Hygiene As A Way Of Living And Wellness

Personal hygiene is about keeping your body happy and healthy. Changing your undies daily and discarding them yearly (every 6-9 months is recommended by Doctors). By doing this helps protect her personal parts from bacteria or infection..

5. Develop a Healthy Personality

Being clean, well-dressed and groomed boosts a child's self-image. Just telling your Nubie what to do won't sustain. The key is to give them practical lessons on taking care of her body, skin, hair and feet. The goal is making personal hygiene a part of their daily life and personality.

6. Explain The Concept of Bacteria and Germs

It is important to introduce the concept of germs and bacteria early on. Discussing how they can catch germs and what happens when they don't wash them off. Be sure to teach her that even underwear can develop bad bacteria, if they don't put on a fresh pair daily. 

7. Learning Good and Bad Habits

Start with a concept they already know – good and bad. Listing out good and bad hygiene habits will clearly tell them what is considered good and healthy, and what is bad or unhealthy. Try to repeat it as many times as you can in different situations. You even can reiterate these points through a cute song, a quick quiz in the car or as they get into a bath.

8. Have Fun with Hygiene

Kids always remember something better when it feels fun or makes them happy. Don't make hygiene a dreadful topic for your Nubie. Make it light and enjoyable. Try to teach them about personal hygiene in different ways, such as card games, fun activities or online games.

9. Talk About Good Smells and Stinky Smells

Our noses can recognize a wide range of smells, and our instincts tell us which smells are good and bad. Kids also know, instinctively, when something smells bad. Teach your Nubie the difference between good and bad body odors. Explain that they should build good clean hygiene habits to keep the "stinky" smells away.

10. The Clean Hand Talk

Instruct your Nubie to never put dirty hands in their mouth, bite nails, or wipe their face with filthy hands. Be sure to check your children's nails and cut them regularly, as mud and dirt can get deposited under the nails and spread infections when using the bathroom and wiping. As soon as your Nubie comes home from school or play, remind them to wash their hands before touching anything.




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